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committed to customer satisfaction through performance quality and excellence

Professional, Dedicated, Extreme and Responsible

Ultra Engineering’s story began several decades ago when our founders spent countless hours designing and manufacturing the state-of-the-art quality packaging machine. That passion led to rapid growth and a reputable reputation amongst customers.

We are known for our expertise in manufacturing Automatic Horizontal Packaging and we are known for how versatile our products are. We have partnerships and co-networks relationship with various industry consultants, traders and even other packaging manufacturer to build mutual benefit relationship.

Ultra Engineering works with relentless integrity to provide our customers with the reliable, most consistent, top-of-the-line horizontal packaging machines, as well as weigher and date coder machines.

We‘ve learnt that all industries are distinct to each other, therefore building machines with ability to custom configure are one of our strongest points. We cater to business specialty needs, on site and on field adjustments, and even special fabrication for specific case of horizontal packaging machine needs.

Please allow us to know your business and find the right solution.
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ultra engineering
quality policy

To provide service in close collaboration with the customer in order to build a lasting relationship. To meet all requirements and needs during the sales process and during the useful life of the machine.

To produce a top-quality, durable, easy-to-maintain automatic horizontal packaging machine and solutions that delivers maximum productivity.

To define and control all of the company’s business processes and to constantly follow up on these processes, with the commitment of providing continuous improvement.

our four pillars of foundation


We act with absolute integrity, honesty, and responsibility in everything we do: We are honest and sincere in the commitments we enter into with others.


We treat one another and our environment with respect: At all times and in every situation, we treat people fairly, courteously, and with dignity. We are committed to security, equality and diversity.

Winning spirit

We work and strive at all times to achieve excellence: We want to be better, we are never satisfied with anything less than excellence. We are never satisfied with the status quo. We like what we do, we like to compete, and we like to win.


We are agile in serving our customers, we respond quickly and we understand this principle: Follow through on your commitment now, tomorrow may be too late. This is why we strive to act quickly to deliver to our customers what they need, when they need it.


Ultra Engineering will always next to you, full of new ideas and solutions, because we believe that the success of your business is the success of Ultra Engineering itself.